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Top 10 VAS Solution Providers - 2018

The emergence of EDGE network eventually led to bundling of Value Added Services (VAS) along with telecommunication services, in an effort to enhance the utility of standard voice calls and fax transmissions. With a primary motive of overhauling the traditional mobile communication, VAS has become a part and parcel of the daily life amongst the people. Though these services were born out of the promotional campaigns for standard telecom services, VAS offers subscribers a diverse set of options and functionalities directly from their service providers.

Most of the telecommunication service providers of the current day and age offer services ranging from live streaming with mobile TV and Over The Top (OTT) services to ring tone or caller tone features to SMS and location-based services. Though they seem generic, considering the role these services play in an average consumer’s life, VAS occupies a significant market share. It upholds collaborations and partnership amongst service providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and subscription based bundles that utilize the data connectivity provided by the telecom service providers. Consequently, it nurtures the growth of partnerships among standalone OTT service providers and VAS vendors, thereby broadening the viewership of OTT services and increasing the number of loyalty subscribes utilizing the VAS services from a particular vendor.

On the same note, Telecom Tech Outlook‘s current edition lists “Top 10 VAS Solution Providers 2018” that hold expertise in helping businesses implement the best technologies. The list presents to you some of the most prominent organizations in the VAS ecosystem, capable of leading their clients towards excellence by supporting them extensively. By getting direct support from these eminent solution providers, companies can ramp up their operations for greater success.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Alepo Provides IT systems and consulting services for telecommunications companies
Comfone Offers telecommunications platform that allows enhanced and efficient roaming services
Converlogic Offers innovative and advanced solutions in the field of SIM, OTA and SIM life cycle management, and customer activation
Dialogic Provides cloud-optimized solutions for real-time communications media, applications, and infrastructure
Infinite Convergence Solutions Provides innovative messaging, mobility solutions, and next-gen wireless communication technologies to mobile operators and enterprises
Privi Delivers a groundbreaking interactive content delivery platform designed to help commercial, non-profit and public entities connect with and grow their target audiences through messaging
Smith Micro Software Offers a unique solution for mobile network operators to help families stay safe and connected
Syniverse Provides engagement platforms that power customized experiences for enhanced communication among businesses
Telestax Offers a complete ecosystem for service providers to build, deploy real-time communication applications along with providing a platform to interact with business customers and developers
VIAVI Solutions Offers network and service enablement services, and optical security performance solutions and products