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Top 10 VAS Companies - 2018

The emergence of EDGE network eventually led to bundling of Value Added Services (VAS) along with telecommunication services, in an effort to enhance the utility of standard voice calls and fax transmissions. With a primary motive of overhauling the traditional mobile communication, VAS has become a part and parcel of the daily life amongst the people. Though these services were born out of the promotional campaigns for standard telecom services, VAS offers subscribers a diverse set of options and functionalities directly from their service providers.

VAS is the non-core services offered in the telecom sector. All services apart from standard voice calls and fax transmissions are considered a VAS. To stay relevant the value-added services companies have been forced to reinvent their business models in the smart phone age. From working with telecoms to offer services, VAS is evolving into Internet companies that need to use operators’ pipes to deliver apps or content, putting them in the crosshairs of the raging net neutrality debate raging across the world. These services boost an operator’s primary business.

Most of the telecommunication service providers of the current day and age offer services ranging from live streaming with mobile TV and Over The Top (OTT) services to ring tone or caller tone features to SMS and location-based services. Though they seem generic, considering the role these services play in an average consumer’s life, VAS occupies a significant market share. It upholds collaborations and partnership amongst service providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and subscription based bundles that utilize the data connectivity provided by the telecom service providers. Telecom companies are behind for operation and upkeep of telephone and related services. Consequently, it nurtures the growth of partnerships among standalone OTT service providers and VAS vendors, thereby broadening the viewership of OTT services and increasing the number of loyalty subscribes utilizing the VAS services from a particular vendor.

VAS is beneficial for the customers and the service providers in various ways. Through VAS customers get superior service experience, and improved pricing proposition. Users get the potential of significantly enhancing the growth and practicability. For service-providers it enhances growth of revenue, improve customer experience, optimize investment, accelerate service availability, and decreases leakage of revenue.

On the same note, Telecom Tech Outlook‘s current edition lists “Top 10 VAS Solution Providers 2018” that hold expertise in helping businesses implement the best technologies. The list presents to you some of the most prominent organizations in the VAS ecosystem, capable of leading their clients towards excellence by supporting them extensively. By getting direct support from these eminent solution providers, companies can ramp up their operations for greater success.

    Top VAS Companies

  • Infinite Convergence Solutions maximize the customer reach and engagement with Omni-channel enterprise messaging platform. The company provides innovative messaging and mobility solutions and next-generation wireless communication technologies to mobile operators and enterprises. Infinite Convergence Solutions are partnering with Vmware, Redhat, Unicom, Oracle, Neusoft, Riverbed, Datastax, ARC Group Asia, Nokia, Dimension data, and others. The company provides solutions like Rich communication, short messaging service gateway, broadcast message center, MMS center, personal messaging cloud, presence, universal message center, and short messaging service center. Infinite Convergence Solutions deals with collaboration, enterprise software, messaging, and mobile

  • Headquartered in Winter Haven, Privi is an innovator of SMS/MMS marketing. The company is specialized in global content distribution, SMS/MMS text marketing, mass communication, and marketing and promotion. Privi enhances the voice of high-profile figures. They also gives the ability to control the message and protect the brand's integrity. The Privi Platform is an easy-to-use, comprehensive tool for sending information to mobile devices. The platform of Privi provides unlimited subscribers, management of internal staff communications and external fan initiatives, unlimited channels and channel managers, create a powerfully targeted mobile database, integration between multimedia content, text and email, etc

  • Founded in 1982, Smith Micro Software creating innovative, scalable business solutions for over 37 years that address the problems and concerns of today's digital lifestyle. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Smith Micro operates around the world with offices in Sweden, Portugal, and Serbia. The Software of Smith Micro Software is designed to simplify and enhance the mobile experience. SafePath, CommSuite, ViewSpot, and Graphics are the core solutions provided at the platform of the company. Smith Micro also creates industry-leading graphics tools for animators, illustrators, graphic designers, and students at every level

  • Specialized in 5G, 4G, LTE, IoT, internet of things, cybersecurity, secure network, IPX, RCS, Rich Communication Services, IMSI, text messaging, SMS, MMS, roaming, clearing, settlement, and mobile number portability. Syniverse links billions of devices and forges more human connections. The offering of the company is secure global access, fraud defence, mobile engagement, WiFi services, IPX network, mobile messaging, mobile policy control center. The docket of Syniverse solutions is consist of network readiness services, fraud management services, network provisioning services, network surveillance services, roaming management services, and network security services. Syniverse is leading the industry into a new age of innovation that will create new business value

  • Telestax is helping communications service providers to deliver on the promise of the digital transformation, allowing them to connect with their customers anywhere, anytime, on any device. Telestax is CPaaS enabler for communications service providers. The technology partners of the company are Vibe Cars, NEC, LignApps, NESIC, Telin, MetTel, and Ozain. The products offered by the company are message exchange, restcomm platform, restcomm, programmable voice, visual designer, webRTC SDKs, and programmable SMS. Telestax is the company behind Restcomm. The solutions provided by Telestax are CPaaS enablement, Internet of Things, SMS enablement, and Telestax solutions

  • A public company which provides solutions like wirelie, enterprise & data center, wireless, network equipment manufacturers, real-time intelligence, and optical security and performance. The company was spun off from JDSU in August 2015. The two primary businesses of VIAVI Solutions are Network and Service Enablement (NSE) and Optical Security and Performance (OSP). VIAVI solutions have expertise in Software and hardware platforms and instruments for physical, virtual and hybrid networks and Anti-counterfeiting solutions for currency authentication. The products of the company are GEOinsights, Interferenceadvisor, VXPERTrak, SCA Architect, SST Configure, SecureShift Inks, MAP Optical Power Meter, MAP Optical Switch Solutions, MAP Swept Wavelength Test System and many more

  • Alepo


    Established in 2004 in Austin, Alepo is transforming the telecommunications landscape of several nations. Following solutions are provided by Alepo 5G Solutions, AAA Transformation, Prepaid Data Monetization, Data Roaming Monetization, Enterprise Data Monetization, LTE Enablement, Digital BSS Transformation, and Carrier WiFi. The solutions of the company help to drive profitability and reduce costs on fixed and mobile broadband networks. The company has expertise in IT systems, telecommunication, telecom, 5G Solutions, Digital BSS Transformation, OSS, PCRF, Mobile Money, AAA Transformation, HSS, Carrier WiFi, WiFi Offload, WiFi Monetization, Data Monetization, OCS OFCS, and CRM

  • Comfone


    With Headquarters in Bern, Switzerland and regional offices covering Europe, Latin & North America, Central Asia, and the Asia Pacific, Comfone is serving to more than 200 countries. Comfone supplies a complete portfolio of services and solutions for various customer types such as MNOs and MVNOs, MVNEs, Solution Providers, and WISPs. The company is providing roaming services and solutions to mobile operators. The services provided by Comfone are pulseforce, key2roam hub, sponsored roaming solution, clearing services, data management services, and IPX services. Comfone is financially stable organization delivering a simplified solution with guaranteed Swiss precision

  • Converlogic


    Converlogic is a telecommunications company based out of the United States. Converlogic is making advanced technology accessible. Through listening and understanding the clients real business needs, the company is providing customized solutions and technical support that can suit any budget. The products supplied by the company are insurance, healthcare, gift-cards, the platform of portal solution between service providers and their end-users. They are providing tools which allow operators to enhance services of customers, and applications for the mobile ecosystem with all industry requirements. Its solutions are based on technologies. Our expertise in VAS services, smart card r&d, and robust platforms, bring to our customers the possibility to reproduce the same Telecom Benchmark histories with their customers/clients

  • Dialogic


    Based in Parsippany, Dialogic is a leading cloud-optimized solutions provider for real-time communications media, applications, and infrastructure to service providers, enterprises, and developers around the globe. PowerMedia XMS, PowerMedia HMP, Dialogic Global services, BorderNet SBC, I-Gate 4000 Media Gateways, and SS7, Sigtran, and Diameter STP are the products offered by the company. These products are designed to exceed the most demanding needs of any-to-any connectivity across multi-generational networks. Dialogic deliver both custom and pre-packaged applications and offer solutions and services to securely and cost-effectively deploy the next application. It's Pro Services provides turnkey planning, deployment, optimization, and management of your network