VIAVI Solutions: Enhancing Business Outcomes

Oleg Khaykin, President and CEO, VIAVI SolutionsOleg Khaykin, President and CEO
It was during the early 19th century when innovative and efficient forms of communication that linked many isolated communities were introduced. Advancements in telecommunications significantly altered the way people interacted with one another. The growing requirement for better communications fueled the expansion of telecommunication solutions, which doubled in numbers within a short period. However, the lack of correct configuration knowledge with high value and an instant return on investment was a growing challenge in the industry, as most providers were focused only on developing better solutions. At this juncture, San Jose-based VIAVI Solutions marked its unique presence by offering not just telecommunication solutions but also consulting services with world-class project management staff to install and commission advanced systems. Whether initial setup or on-site implementation and configuration, VIAVI’s consulting solutions ensure that customers avail the best experience.

For enabling a seamless telecommunication solution implementation experience for the customers, VIAVI’s professional teams offer assistance for individual products with the aid of fully integrated solutions. The company provides complete installation support, value-added professional services, comprehensive training, and maintenance and technical support— all designed to deliver the highest ROI. Furthermore, VIAVI’s technical education solutions, product training, and blended learning offerings enable new technicians to align with the processes seamlessly. The company’s application experts analyze specific client requirements and tailors applications to meet the customer specific requirements. While most competitors are more inclined towards their product sales, VIAVI’s core focus is on offering the best customer experience.

Today, VIAVI Solutions is a pioneer in not only telecommunications solutions but also both network and service enablement and optical security and performance products and solutions.

Whether it’s setting strategy or driving execution, Viavi is committed to helping its customers realize their vision

One of the company’s flagship offering is the VIAVI CellAdvisor, a cost-effective and comprehensive solution for cell site installation, commissioning, as well as maintenance. The solution’s base station test capability streamlines the entire mobile base station test workflow.

With a rich history of innovation, VIAVI is the only company to offer test and assurance coverage that spans the entire network. The company helps global network operators and IT operators build, test and activate and optimize network and service performance. VIAVI’s expertise improves the complete life cycle from physical to virtual, from cell site commissioning to the delivery of enterprise-level applications and services.

The company’s solutions contribute to the success of a wide range of customers including the world’s largest mobile operators, governmental entities, enterprise network, and application providers, and telecommunication contractors. Whether it’s setting strategy or driving execution, VIAVI is committed to helping its customers realize their vision. In an instance, VIAVI assisted a service provider who was experiencing problems at one of their in-building networks. Initially, the client’s service team thought that the repeater at the site was causing interference, and they replaced it. Even though they replaced the repeater, the performance issue persisted. VIAVI Solutions partnered with the service provider and ran an antenna isolation test by harnessing the potential of CellAdvisor, a powerful tool for testing antenna isolation. Identifying the issue, the technicians tested different antenna locations for the serving antenna until the target isolation and RF coverage was resolved.

For about a century, VIAVI has innovated solutions to optimize communications technologies, from simple radio test sets to sophisticated network assurance platforms. The company is consistently augmenting its R&D efforts with smart, strategic acquisitions and mergers. In the long run, VIAVI envisions enhancing the capabilities of its offerings and expanding its market reach.