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David Sperling, CTO, Smith Micro SoftwareDavid Sperling, CTO
When teachers informed Nancy’s parents that their daughter left the school premises almost an hour ago, her mother panicked that she wasn’t home yet. After another 40 minutes, Nancy comes prancing through the door and begins sharing the adventures she and her friend had after school. All this time, Nancy’s parents agonized over her disappearance, unsure of where to search for her, and even contemplated informing the police.

Situations like this involving family and loved ones can easily be avoided. Smith Micro Software has designed an effective and innovative software solution—SafePath Connected Lifestyle—to help concerned family members stay informed of the whereabouts of their loved ones. Offered via network operators, this robust platform provides subscribers with an array of location, parental controls, and content filtering along with seamless access to consumer IoT devices. “Our software platform equips mobile operators and wireless service providers with a comprehensive, white-labeled mobile application solution to enhance their brand, and build strong value-added services for their customers,” explains David Sperling, Smith Micro’s CTO. For example, the SafePath platform powers the Safe and Found application for Sprint; “It’s Sprint’s brand and offering,” says Sperling, “but Smith Micro is the platform behind it.”

Introduced to simplify and enhance the digital lifestyles of mobile consumers, SafePath Connected Lifestyle is comprised of two core components: SafePath Family and SafePath IoT. The first component—SafePath Family—includes family locator services that equip users with the ability to monitor the whereabouts of the entire family, including children and the elderly. Users can have the ability to set up safety zones and geofences that automatically notify parents when they enter and leave these zones. SafePath Family also delivers strong parental controls that allow parents to set time limits on a child’s use of mobile devices, URL filtering to not allow inappropriate content to be seen, and the ability to specify age groups for using specific types of applications available.
“It’s truly a comprehensive gamut of parental controls for both inside and outside the home,” says Sperling.

Our software equips carriers with comprehensive, white-labeled mobile solutions to enhance their brand and build value-added services for their customers

SafePath IoT, the second component, extends the reach of families beyond just smartphones, bringing all of the cellular-enabled consumer IoT devices under a single user experience. SafePath IoT helps users to easily track all that is happening within the connected family digital lifestyle. “Not every IoT device is cellular-enabled; therefore, we are also focusing on integrating to the home as a unit. Offering a single pane of glass, so to speak, for managing not only the safety of the family, but different aspects of the home, such as garage door openers, locks, outside lighting, and more, facilitating a secure in-home and out-of-home experience,” he explains.

Smith Micro has a rich legacy as a software company tracing back to its inception in 1982. Developing carrier-grade software solutions, Smith Micro has gained a competitive edge working together with hardware manufacturers on all software aspects of their solutions. As such, the secret sauce to Smith Micro’s success lies in its unique competence both in working with device ecosystems and architecting carrier-grade platforms to deliver software to millions of consumers around the world. “Our capability to work with the hardware OEMs and build carrier-grade software specifically for mobile operators is a unique skill that is rare in the market today,” says Sperling.

The combination of robust and established VAS solutions along with a strong history of delivering marketable solutions to mobile operators allows Smith Micro to offer a product that can be sold to customers by a brand they trust. Furthermore, Smith Micro’s expertise with OEM device manufacturers and the flexibility to provide access to an ever-growing ecosystem of connected devices will help them continue to provide world leading value-added services solutions for mobile operators around the world and better meet the needs of the Digital Connected Lifestyle of their millions of customers.

Smith Micro Software News

Smith Micro Announces Launch of SafePath® Family with Boost Mobile

PITTSBURGH, PA – Smith Micro Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI), today announced that it has launched its SafePath® Family platform with Boost Mobile, providing Boost customers with access to industry-leading family location and parental controls solutions. A testament to Smith Micro’s ongoing commitment to make family safety accessible and affordable for all customers, this service launch will enable prepaid customers to enjoy the robust and comprehensive features of SafePath Family, including geo-location, customizable safety zones, app and website filtering, family safety alerts, and more in a single, easy-to-use application. SafePath Family, which will be branded Boost Safe and Found, is designed to help families stay connected and safe, no matter where they go. Boost Safe and Found is available for both Android and iOS users as part of a comprehensive mobile app subscription.

“We are excited for the Boost Mobile launch,” said William W. Smith Jr., President and CEO of Smith Micro Software. “This expansion is particularly significant as it not only extends the value of our SafePath platform, it demonstrates the ongoing commitment of a large U.S. wireless operator to deliver value-added family safety solutions to its customer base.”

“Boost Mobile is pleased to now offer our customers access to this innovative and affordable service that keeps their families protected,” said Angela Rittgers, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, Boost Mobile. “With customers and families being the heart of our business, we’re always looking for ways to improve their mobile experience with value-added services like Safe and Found, in addition to offering affordable device options on our popular and comprehensive family plans.”

SafePath Family, part of the SafePath platform which also provides IoT and home safety solutions, is the most comprehensive, carrier-grade family safety offering in the market, designed to protect and secure today’s family digital lifestyle and to address challenges such as child and elder safety, cyberbullying, web and app content controls, and device security. SafePath Family allows mobile service providers to customize offerings for their customers’ needs and protects the family digital experience inside and outside of the home.