Infinite Convergence Solutions: Maximize Customer Reach and Engagement

Anurag Lal, President and CEO, Infinite Convergence SolutionsAnurag Lal, President and CEO
The growing popularity of smart devices is taking the global communication landscape to the next level. Aligned with this trend, adopting efficient mobile communication and marketing strategy can help enterprises stay ahead in the curve. Infinite Convergence Solutions, a global leader in innovative messaging and carrier-grade next-generation mobility solutions, is on the forefront in delivering secure, reliable and interactive two-way global mobile messaging solution to enterprises and mobile operators around the world. “We have added key Value Added Services (VAS) to our Enterprise Messaging Service (EMS), significantly enhancing its value proposition within the market,” says Anurag Lal, CEO, and president of Infinite Convergence Solutions. “With our upgraded feature-rich offering, we further distance ourselves from the competition.”

Infinite Convergence Sloutions’ 1-way and 2-Way Messaging, powered by EMS Application to Person (A2P) cloud platform, offers secured, reliable and cloud-based VAS to the enterprises, enabling them to deliver instant and secure communication with the end-users. This also offers an effortless integration with enterprise applications through real-time APIs, thereby streamlining the company’s communications with customers, employees or vendors globally, via SMS, MMS, and Push Notification. The text-2- speech service is another EMS A2P cloud-based VAS offered by Infinite Convergence Solutions efficiently delivers text converted to voice or prerecorded voice messages to mobile and landline numbers alike. This allows a ubiquitous deliverance of text or voice messages and is highly customizable with respect to language, customer preference, and number validation.
The superior performance of Infinite Convergence Solutions in tier 1 MNO networks and intelligent routing empowers clients to generate and validate One Time Passcodes (OTPs) to their global users via SMS or Text-to-Speech phone calls. The OTP delivery success rate is close to 100 percent, owing to the in-built features of number validation, automatic channel detection and SMS fallback to voice. Moreover, Infinite Convergence Solutions also caters a Two-Factor Authentication (2-FA) solution, which utilizes two factors of credentials—OTP and username/password—unique to the users for confirming their identity. With the advanced 2-FA solution, organizations can ensure the safety and security of their confidential information and online transactions, keeping down fraudulent activities.

Infinite Convergence Solutions offers its customers a Campaign Manager, which features a cloud-based, easy-to-use web interface, aiding enterprises in creating and launching highly engaging and integrated marketing campaigns. The Campaign Manager delivers centralized control and analytical tools, equipping organizations to leverage effective multimedia messaging technology to drive sales, loyalty, awareness, and revenue through integrated mobile messaging campaigns. Infinite Convergence Solutions also features an exclusive Content Management System (CMS), providing enterprises with a convenient and collaborative environment for creating, editing, and managing custom templates in any language. The CMS includes a user-friendly template editing tool that supports dynamic content and conditional expressions, as well as a workflow concept for quality assurance. Enterprises can harness a greater control and flexibility in managing their messaging content and secure a personalized, richer user experience by utilizing CMS and Campaign Manager in their businesses.

Infinite Convergence Solutions offers a one-stop-shop for highly secured, advanced, scalable messaging and VAS solutions for every business communicative needs. Likewise, they are establishing close partnerships with some of the tech giants in the world like Nokia, RedHat, Neusoft, and more, determined to leverage cutting-edge innovations in messaging solutions and wireless communication technologies. Combined with their own deep expertise in messaging and mobility, these collaborative partner networks will vanguard the growing demands of mobile operators and enterprises in the modern age.